Monday, 22 June 2009

Above Camp 1

Another phone call!

Ed, Rick and some of the Austrian team have been up to Camp 1!!! As the others went down, Rick and Sandy climbed a further 300 m or so. Conditions not good, a lot of avalanches and wind slab. Mr Stoats man found it hard keeping his grip, he forgot to take his crampons up to C1 and its tough on steep slidy snow. He knows he would get a better grip without his cellophane wrapper, but people keep looking at him with a strange sort of hunger in their eyes!!

So, everyone safe back at BC. Its approx. 5pm there and Rick and Sandy planning to go up and stay the night at Camp 1 with some of the Austrian team, and hopefuly then go higher. Then, back to base camp for a rest. Ed staying at base camp for now.

It seems TNT are doing something after all and high altitude gear is supposed to be in Islamabad today and then taken to Base Camp!!!! Lets hope!

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