Saturday, 15 May 2010

Cairngorm Winter climbing conditions 15 May 2010

Roger belaying once we roped up!

Roger climbing up the second last pitch of the Runnel a nice grade 2 winter climb.

Roger pulling over the top!

A good day with my friend Roger. Still amazing conditions on Cairngorm with plenty snow in the lower graded gullies, snow cover is good and Cairngorm Mountain was busy with almost a full top car park.. it's quite ace! I noticed several uplifts open and it did not look as though there were any line ups for the lifts. Skiing on Coronation wall looked truly superb, quite cold wind, with the temperature around lunch time being about 4 to 6 degree C on the tops (I did not measure it!)
The Great Slab has slid a bit. Several couliors and steeper aspects have some nice boarding and ski tracks...The Rescue Box is now visible in the floor of the corrie, but the picnic boulder remain buried! Snow fences mostly visible again..... It's ace though, get out and enjoy the snow while you can, it's probably too cold on the fingers to go rock climbing anyway!!!!

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