Monday, 24 May 2010

PPE Compentent Person courses and being on Everest!

Yesterday I delivered an Inspection of PPE course _ "Competent Person" to members of Braemar Mountain Rescue Team. The close out feed back was very positive so I drove beck to my home feeling delighted, also my twin brother had phoned to remind me that on the 23 rd May 2001 at 5.45am I was standing on the summit of Mount Everest with my client Jim. In order to mark this occasion I took a long walk out the back of my village here and camped overnight amongst the Red Deer. It was not as windy as camping oxengen-less on the South Col!
On my walk back to the village this morning it was snowing Cherry Blossom petals...
Coffee time, the view from my tent this morning!

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