Sunday, 16 May 2010

Romeo and Juliet

Interesting contrast: the life of a mountain guide, stumbling oxygen- less cocooned in down to the summit of 8000 meter summits, placing ice axes in shattering ice to haul ourselves up twisted ice gullies and frozen cascades, chalk dusted fingers searching granite faces for adequate holds, exhausted but smiling clients wondering if we can get them down again! Compare that to the Scottish Ballet.... wow, amazing discipline as timeless as love itself. I would say that the The Scottish Ballet are quite outstanding! Last night they presented a powerful modern retelling of Shakespeare's masterpiece at Eden Court. Choreography was by Krzystof Pastor and music by Serge Prokofiev. The dancers and musicians were breathtaking and outstanding in every respect!
Apologies for the poor photographs, they are scanned from their brochure as photography was prohibited during the performance!

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