Monday, 11 June 2018

Moving on from Skardu tomorrow

We have had a good day as by late morning our agent Ali phoned from Islamabad to inform us that they had found Stans missing luggage. That’s a good reason to celebrate but unfortunately there is no beer here! But we are all delighted especially Stan. So our plan now is to continue with our journey towards Broad Peak base camp so tomorrow we will pack our gear into the 4x4’s and drive along the track to Askole. The drive takes five to six hours and we will be saying goodbye to internet and mobile phone reception. It will take a few days for Stans big holdall containing his boots, crampons and down clothing to catch up with us but as I write this it’s probably being driven up the KKH and once at Askole Stan has been promised a setting fast porter to carry the bag up towards us and it’s estimated that we should see the bag by the time we get to base camp (BC) if not sooner.
We have been spending the day repacking our equipment and doing some last minute shopping. Also, we made the time to do some interval training along the side of lake Sadapara and visiting some local sights.
The Internet is to slow to post any images right now! 

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