Sunday, 10 June 2018

Skardu - Gilgit- Baltistan Territories... here already!

I departed from Edinburgh with Etihad Airways yesterday and already I find myself in Skardu. My flight to Abu Dhabi then on to Islamabad went really well and I was met at the airport at 3.30 am, Pakistan time, by our good friend and agent Ali. He informed me that himself and Rick had organized everything in Pakistan as Rick flew out from the UK on the 6 June with this plan in mind. So we decided we would try to fly on to Skardu. I went to sleep on the airport floor, Ali waited to receive Kacper and Stan meanwhile, Rick was to join us all at the airport around 6.30am.
I slept well and woke up to find all the expedition members had arrived. Unfortunately, Turkish airlines had lost one of Stan's luggage bags en route between Munich, Istanbul and Islamabad, but we were being positive and hoped that the airline will trace it and deliver it to Islamabad as soon as possible. Then our agents would transport it up to our base camp at the foot of Broad Peak.

In Skardu now, had lunch at the Summit Hotel with (from left - Rick, Sandy, Stan and Kacper)

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