Friday, 16 October 2009

Labouche East Summitted!

Hi All
Phone message from Sandy left at 13:53 UK time from Labouche Base Camp (just picked it up!)

There was a slight change in plans and rather than going too Everest Base camp it was decided to go climb a mountain!

EVERYONE summitted Labouche East (6158 m) today and are all back relaxing at base camp. Yesterday they stayed at a high camp 5650 m which would have been great for their acclimatization.

The plan now...
They will stay at Labouche camp tonight and go to Gorakshek where they will stay in a lodge before going onto to Everest Base Camp. On Sunday they will go too Kalipater. After that they will go onto the village on Thangboche and then on Monday too Ama Dablan Base Camp. All is cool apparently!!!
Note added on Sat 17th Oct: This is the itinary as far as the message went and as how I understood it...problem is these villages have very similar names and I don't know their location. You can try working it out from the Itinary on the Team Ascent Website. The important points are that all is well and they are making their way too Ama Dablam base camp!

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