Sunday, 11 October 2009

Thangboche blessing for climbing team

Monks chanting prayers at Thangboche Monastery

The team at Sonam Lodge, Panhboche ( 3950m)
Yesterday 10th October we walked away from Namche ans enjoyed the walk to Thangboche. After a while we manged to arrange a visit with the Ringboche Chai Lama who took us into his home and presented us with Prayer Scarfs ( Khata) and red strings (Mhala Mhala) which were blessed by the Dali Lama. this blessing is very important to us and of course to all or Sherpa expedition staff from the kitchen boys , cook, climbing sherpas and Sirdar.
We spent last night at Duboche and then today we plan to go up to Dingboche . But now its about 10.45 am and we have stopped for a early lunch break at the Sonam Lodge in the village of Pangboche. Once we go to Everest base camp and climb Labouche peak we will come back to this Sonam Lodge as they are very good friends of Sandys and here we will leave some equipment and buy fresh vegetables to take up to Ama Dabalm base camp. Its here at Pangboche where there is good bridge crossing the river which then the trail leads up to Mingbo and our base camp for climbing the south east ridge.
There is a new cyber cafe here, so its amazing that we can post a blog from such a sacred and wonderful place.

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