Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Arrived in Lukla

We have been so lucky today as after three days of no flights getting into Lukla, the weather cleared and we got here. It was an exciting journey with the poilet of our Tara Air Twin Otter dodging clouds and eventually landing us safely at Lukla airstrip. Our original plan was to commence our walk in today, but as we had to spread our luggage and cargo between planes some of our bags are still in Kathmandu. The weather closed in and the later planes had to turn back. So, we are staying overnight here in a nice lodge and will start our approach walk tomorrow. Normally the skys are clear in the morning and our delayed cargo will arrive here tomorrow morning.
I am trying to up load a couple of photos but the internet connection is very slow here so I am waiting patiently to see if I get a result.
But anyway, we are here in Lukla with our Sherpas and porters and everyone is feeling fine and keen to go!
Almost forgot to say, the first plane that landed at Lukla this morning had a slight incident. As it landed on the runway and coasted up the steep runway, it struck a wall with its nose cone, but fortunately nobody was hurt. This led to quite a delay to other flights, but thankfully no one was injured and that we were not onboard!

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