Monday, 25 October 2010

Mera Summited!

Everyone is well! Just spoke to Sandy on his satellite phone. Mera was summitted on the 24th Oct by everyone except Kerry who made it to within 50 m of the summit but decided not to attempt the last 50 m which involved a very technical climb.

Tonight they are camping at at Honuahola River, beside a lake, Sito Pokhari (I hope these spellings are OK!!) at an altitude of 5080 m.

Tomorrow (26th Oct) they will arrive at Baruntse, presumably base camp, at an altitiude of 5400m. On the 27th they will have a Puja. This is a blessing ceremony. It has been arranged that a Lama will come to the camp and will bless the climbers and the mountain. Prayer flags will be set-up around the camp so that as they blow in the wind the blessings will continually be delivered. Each climber is usually also given a blessed prayer scarf which they will probably wear for the duration of the trip, and in some cases for months!!!

The team will have a rest day on the 28th while Sandy and some Sherpas hope to climb too the West Col (6143m) where they will begin to set-up a camp. They will then descend, perhaps rest and then, the climbing will begin!

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