Monday, 11 October 2010

Baruntse climbing permit has been granted

Two days of meetings in Kathmandu with the officials in Kathmandu and eventually I get the climbing permit.... so our plans are to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla tomorrow. From there we will load up our porters and start our walk towards base camp. We are planing to acclimatise very carefully and then climb Mear Peak which is a relatively easy and non technical peak at 6476m. After that we will go to Baruntse base camp. I had arranged a guided city tour for Becky, Kerry, Paul and Geoff so they enjoyed that and found it all really interesting, meanwhile I have been finalising our arrangements to climb. Our main climbing supplies were flown to Lukla several weeks ago so its only our own luggage, some last minute supplies and ourselves who will hopefully fly tomorrow. The bad news is that due to lots of fog and mist in the mountains the Lukla flights have been cancelled for three days now but today a helicopter got through, so we are hoping that we will get a clear run tomorrow.
We will only be staying in Lukla for a few hours so may not get time to update the blog.After that the villages are all remote and there is no Internet access, but I will be phoning in a Sat. phone report every few days!
All fine this end and no news is good news!

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