Friday, 22 October 2010

Safe and Sound and Base Camp

An answering machine message from Sandy today. Everything going to plan, and all is well!!

The team are back at Mera Peak Base Camp (5395m). They will stay there today and tonight. Tomorrow they start their summit attempt by going up to the High Camp (5800m) where they will stay the night in tents which I assume have been pitched over the last two days and will have some supplies. The following day they hope to make the summit (6476m) and then descend to Tongmagigma (4900 m) where they will camp and have a well deserved rest. This may seem like a lot (and it is!!!) but they will leave very early in the morning and do most of the climbing by the light of the moon, the colder/frozen conditions makes for better (safer) climbing!!! They would hope to summit in the early morning giving ample time to appreciate their situation and descend to the much lower altitude for rest.

Everyone is still doing well though there are a few, I quote "sore heads and coughs". These are obviously minor and typical of the effects of high altitude climbing! Sandy is extremely and extra cautious about altitude sickness. He takes no risks, if any symptoms are seen they would move down to lower altitudes immediately.

The weather has not been good over the last two days but it has cleared today and at the time of the phone call it was very clear and good prospects for the next few days.

Best wishes to all.

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Cas said...

Good luck . have a great summit day