Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Baruntse Base Camp

Phone call relayed through Beckys family, thank you!!!

Team arrived at Baruntse Base Camp on 26th October and have received their Puja blessing. Apparently the camp is strewn with flour and rice and some alcoholic drinks were imbibed before breakfast which helped make the day very jolly!!

Base camp is now well established with luxuries including separate shower and toilet tents!!! There is quite a lot of snow clinging to Baruntse but weather is currently OK.

Today and tomorrow are planned as rest days (except for Sandy and some Sherpas who will aim to establish Camp 1).

The plan...

29th Oct..go to Camp 1
3oth Oct..go to Camp 2
31st Oct/1st Nov..return to Base Camp
2nd Nov..back up to Camp 1
3rd Nov...up to Camp 2
4th Nov..Summit attempt
5th Nov...return to Base Camp
7th Nov...start walk-out to Lukla all looks so easy!!! Best wishes to all!

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