Monday, 30 July 2007

Here in the North Sea!

Here is view over the side of the rig I am on... as well as guiding we also provide industrial rope access services and work at height consulatancy.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

OK weather now in Chamonix

Richard and I have had some bad weather and the other day we retreated off an ice cimb on the traingle of Mont Blanc du Tacul as it was thawing and the weather was wind was very strong. All parties turned back from their attempts on Mont Blanc once they reached the shoulder of the Tacul and once we got down to the valley we spoke to other teams who also had to retreat from thawing ice climbs... Still, its all experience enhansing and good fun... we will just have to try again.
Today it started misty in Chamonix but this evening its clear skies but a bit colder after last nights storms. Winds seem stong at altitude.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Arete Des Cosmiques, Mont Blanc in cloud

The weather is still not so good, mornings are ace and almost prerfect but freezing levels remain around 4000 meters, so the snow is soft, rocks are falling and there are many slides of snow and glaciers are full of opening revasse. After tonight the weather shouold clear, as we have had lots of rain in the valley tonight, so we live in hope of some clearing star studded skyes and lowering temperatures.

Stormy weather around Mont Blanc

Well ,Kathy arrived in Chamonix so we have very happy Sandy guiding these days, however high up the weather is not so great, but again its not so bad, the warm weather gave way to a build up of high clouds and eventual storms, the freezing level has been very high, but things are due to change for the better soon...
These photos show Sandy and Richard on the Marbree and were taken by Kathy. Kathy keeps the admin at Team Ascent up to date.... so its great to see her in Chamonix.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Grindlewald days, Switzerland

Here are photos of Dave on the summit of the Monch, and also a photo of his guide ( Sandy) and there is also a photo of the Monch Joch Hutte...
There is lots of new snow all over the alps and avalanche risk has been high, however the last two days have been very warm so the snow is transforming so conditions under foot are improving all the time.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Better weather on its way

Yesterday we went up to the Torino refuge, the weather was bad, so from Chamonix we drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel and took the three stage cable car up to Hellbronner, from there David and I navigated around towards the coll Freshfield, but the snow was very deep and visibilty down to almost zero so after an hour and half of heavy trail breaking we turned back and went to the Torino refuge. After a coffee we took another walk along towards the Col Rochefort and went to look at another potential route.
Last night was Davids forst night at altitude for sme time so he did not sleep so well at 3600 meters. However we were upat 4.00 am this morning and agin broke trail to the col freshfield, .This morning visibility was good and walthoughw e still sunk up to our knees in the new snow, itw a Ok. We climbed the Aiguille Entreve and then came back to Hellbronner. Its been very cold day and there were lenticular clouds on the Verte, but it seems to have cleared up. This afternoon we drive round to Grindlewald as David wants to try the Monch and the Jungfrau...
So, hopefully the weather forecast is correct and the weather really is improving. There is lots of wind slab around the mountains of Chamonix, so people need to stay alert and take care for few days until the snow transforms!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ardeche, France

Here is an iteresting rock climbing venue in the Ardeche, by an ancient castle and its quiet and peaceful..... back in Chamonix now but its been an interesting and enjoyable few days climbing and down there. In Chamonix the snow is down to about 1800 meters. Neve the less, Chamonix is bustling and the sun is relatively warm, but its much cooler than the seasonal average!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Great weather now in Chamonix

HEre are Nikolas and Colin on the summit in some bad weather, but now its sunny and wram in Chamonix nad we can clearly see Mont Blanc from the village.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Gran Paridiso

Oh, the internet is throwing me out before I can add more photos, but its cold and snowy in the mountains and not so hot in the valley either. However we have been getting some summits done, this was the Gran Paridiso, and if this connection lets me , I will post more photos soon! These photos show snow on the larch trees on the way up to the Refuge Chabot and then the ice encrusted Lady on the summit!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Stormy weather but still climbing

Its been a red skye morning here in Chamonix, so thats a good old wives and shepherds tale about the forthcoming weather. However here are Colin and Niklas on a technical traverse and then back at the cable car where you can see the mist and snow has closed in!
Great fun..... we are back in Chamonix valley again.... What to do next?

Sunday, 1 July 2007

A new week in Chamonix

Its a new week and more guiding and coaching... Hopefully attached here you will see todays photos of some initial ice climbing in preperation for more technical climbs and an ascent of Mont Blanc later in the week. This internet cafe does not seem to want to let me add photos, but I try for little longer to see what happen!