Thursday, 7 April 2022

More Alpine peaks on Skis

 Another nice trip!

Martin by my car at the road side parking

Snow sticking to our skins as we skied up to the hut late in the afternoon.

Sunset on the Grand Paridiso

Martin making his way to the summit

Its an interesting little scramble

View from the top. Mont Blanc in the far distance.

Alpine ski turing

 A strange winter we are having, but here is Chamonix its not so bad but I had to cancel one trip as the weather was bad with lots of fresh snow which fell on to very bare conditions with lots of  exposed crevasses and rock fall in some of the glacier banks. The PGHM were out most days rescuing ski mountaineers from crevasses.  Since then we have had some big dumps of snow which have improved conditions but crevasses are opening up so its far from ideal around here in Chamonix. 

                                                            On the summit of the Breithorn.