Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Balmhorn days with Gore-Tex ExperiencTour

Misty morning with some improvemt as we climbed higher

Almost perfectly clear

BMG Aspirant guide Neil McKay with his group, including  Edurane Pasaban and Maggie Axelrod who has the good sense not to wander about on crevasse riddled glaciers un-roped!

Me and les girls on the summit, Lars took the photo!

With Edurne Pasaban... thanks Gore Tex!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy 2015: Skills day on the Mer de Glace

Descending the ladders leading to the glacier

Steve Jones BMG/IFMGA guide demonstrates crampon use.

Robyn Santa Maria ice-climbing

Jean-Yves Santa Maria enjoying himself at the Arc'teryx Alpine ACadamy 2015

Practicing an assisted hoist for crevasse rescue- Arc'teryx Alpine Academy 2015

Saturday, 13 June 2015

ARC'TERYX Alpine Acadamey 2015 Chamonix, Mont Blanc

  Cool day with Arc'eryx Alpine Academy in Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France!
 Left to right Sandra, Selda, Jay, Meissa, Daniel and Marianna.
In glorious weather at the foot of the arête de midi this morning

Steve Jones BMG guide leading his group on Point Lachenal

Marianna -photo opportunity on the arête!

A thorn between two roses!  Seda and Sandra

Selda,Sandra, Melissa and Jay at the Aig du Midi.

Friday, 12 June 2015

A hectic but interesting week

Talon Aberdeen: IRATA training today

AIS Tyne and Wear the other day

Simon mixed climbing in the Cairngorms' but the last few days of intense sun has probably closed off Cairngorm winter climbing for this summer

I had never guided a Scottish winter climb in June before!