Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Drone footage on Mont Blanc Summit

I was mountain guiding Liam and Daffydd who took these nice images on the summit of Mont Blanc yesterday.

An amazing day for a Mont Blanc Summit

With Liam and Dafydd, we summited Mont Blanc yesterday from the Refuge de Tete Rousse (3167m). Stone fall did not affect us at all on the short but often very dangerous traverse of the Grand Couloir.

It was warm enough to stay a long while on the summit and then we descended to overnight at the Refuge de l'Aig du Goutier ( 3817m).
 This morning we descended from the Gouter hut and again most fortunately did not experience any stone fall on the Grand Couloir. It was great fun time.
Liam and Dafydd making their way to the summit of Mont Blanc

Us on the summit

Refuge de l'aig du Gouter

Refuge de Tete Rousse.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Aiguille d'Entreves

Guidining with Adventre Consultants this week, my clients are Liam and Dafydd (a Welsh David).
We are having a blast...
Today they took their drone out! I personally find the noise a drone makes most annoying and it must be disturbing to other mountaineers in the vicinity. But wow the images are cool enough: Here are a combination of my own photography and Liam's drone footage
Liam (left) and Dafydd


First post for a while!

I apologise for not posting for a while. Our trip to Broad Peak left me a bit unhappy. Rick and I have been climbing a long long time and done some outstanding climbs together but his accident while unlucky and I acknowledge that we can all have accidents, Ricks fall on Broad Peak was rather silly as he simply pushed to hard and everyone else including myself turned back. ... so I am still hurting  and confused about all that. I cannot quite get it all to settle in my thoughts. Is my long time climbing parter exceedingly wise or was he being foolish?  I am delighted that his rescue had a happy ending.
It highlights to me that all us humans can be easily lead into heuristic traps. Its telling me that we all have to be careful, keep focus on our selfs and hope we have the sense and good fortune to make good decisions and not be fooled by our own emotions and yet in life we should follow what is in our hearts and live each day as if it is our last.
How can anyone be an expert? Now over the past week, I am back in Chamonix,  back climbing and working as a mountain guide, really  enjoying my time and my clients.