Monday, 29 April 2019

An IRATA first - Andira Landata

Congratulations to Andira Landaeta who today become the first lady from Venezuela to qualify as an IRATA technician.
Andira with her trainers and support crew

Happy to celebrate at the Eastav Glabal BBQ here in Medellin, Columbia

IRATA days

A good Irata assessment in Kathmandu with AIMS Nepal.

Busy times with Eastav Global, Columbia

Today's group of wonderful candidates.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Haute route 5 - ski traverse Chamonix to Zermatt

And finally, the end of our snaps!!!
A photo in Zermatt, on a clear day one can see the Matterhorn!

An electric cab

Yours truly!

Look closely,  James ski binding, I had to repair the binding with a small cord.... he did  so well being able so ski with it. We have renamed the manufacturer -" Dynafit" to dynash-t

All that alpine air and here we are casually merging back to reality at the bus station in Zermatt. 

Haute Route 4 - Ski traverse Chamonix to Zermatt

And a few more images of our spectacular trip

Karine and jean Michel Bournissen cooked us up an amazing Rosti at the Cabane Des Vignettes.

Skiing down from the Pigne

Jim in action!

 Col de Valpelline - our last col before the ski descent down to Zermatt. We had very poor visibility all morning and some tense moments when even this calm mountain guide (ha ha) felt a bit under pressure and I behaved a bit like a disgruntled head master, as I was navigating the complicated terrain and skiing in very thick cloud. But the mist cleared away as we reached the col revealing fantastic views of the Matterhorn.

an ace ski down.

Haute Route 2 -Chamonix to Zermattt

My blog will only upload a few photos at time.. Haute Route 1 were the first but not necessarily in order . Here are some more images from our ski traverse

On the Col de la Serpentine

Jim traversing the upper section and slightly easier part of the steep traverse.

John, Max, Jim and Andy on the summit of the Pigne d'Arolla, Switzerland. 3796 metres. James missed the photo opportunity but was there on the summit.

John and Jim -Andy and Max 

I did say James was there, he he is with John.

Haute Route 1 - ski traverse, Chamonix to Zermatt

Andy, me, John, Jim and James at Grand Montets, Chamonix, Mont Blanc.

Just had one of my best weeks guiding, although to be frank, being a mountain guide most of my  days and weeks are pretty good. We have been so fortunate and so lucky with the weather and thanks to fellow British Mountain Guide Neil Johnson I landed a spectacular gig with really nice people. We have had an amazing few days. Thanks too to the Hut guardians and of course Andy, James, John and Jim for a memorable enjoyable week.
Descent to the Praflueri hut with Max

Andy on the col do Passon

 Please do not pull that string to hard Andy!!!

Having skied the Val d'Arpette